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JCI Coxs BazarJCI Coxs BazarJCI Coxs Bazar
Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh
JCI Coxs BazarJCI Coxs BazarJCI Coxs Bazar

First GMM


First General Member’s Meeting 2024

The General Member’s Meeting GMM of  JCI is a regular assembly where members discuss organizational matters, plan events, and make decisions on various initiatives.


The first General Members Meeting (GMM) of JCI Cox’s Bazar was held at Tides Hall, Sayeman Beach Resort, starting at 3:30 PM. Director Muntaha recited the JCI Creed, Mission and Vision. 2024 Local President Senator Abed Ahsan Sagar recognized key guests, including 2024 National President Imran Kadir, 2024 Regional Vice President and 2024 JCI Cox’s Bazar Mentor Hameem Hasan Joey, and 2024 National Director SK Ashikuzzaman. 

Mentor Joey Hasan praised JCI Cox’s Bazar for its impactful contributions and emphasized participation in national programs, highlighting upcoming events and the presence of JCI World VP at the next JCI Bangladesh Iftar and CSR. Important discussions were made regarding the upcoming projects and events for the year 2024.

The meeting concluded at 4:00 PM, 

  • GMM
  • Sayeman Beach Resort
  • March 15, 2024

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