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JCI Coxs BazarJCI Coxs BazarJCI Coxs Bazar
Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh
JCI Coxs BazarJCI Coxs BazarJCI Coxs Bazar

JCI Bangladesh

JCI Bangladesh is the national organization and is one of the active and result-driven youth national organizations of South Asia. Since 1998, the organization has been contributing to creating leaders and resulting sustainable positive impacts in society. Currently, JCI Bangladesh has 40 Local Organizations (LO) with more than 5000 members all around the country under the strong leadership of Mr. Imran Kadir, the 2024 National President of JCI Bangladesh. JCI Bangladesh encourages young people to become active citizens and to participate in efforts towards social and economic development, international cooperation, goodwill, and understanding.


JCI Bangladesh has been arranging numerous activities throughout the year. Some of the key activities are ‘JCI Smart Bangladesh Summit, Expo & CYE Award 2023’, ‘JCI Bangladesh TOYP’, JCI Bangladesh Debate & Public Speaking, JCI Bangladesh Academy. The purpose is to support young entrepreneurs in creating impactful business results and to promote positive brand value for JCI Bangladesh. Extensive promotion of projects, events, and activities on social media was done, along with active partnerships with different government and non-government entities during many national events. To build a strong foundation for JCI Bangladesh’s growth by 100% in 3 years & 300% in 5 years nationally, events like Mezban 2023, Half Marathon, Sahri Night, Iftar, RockFest, Boshonto Boron, Mehedi Night, etc., were arranged. Additionally, to ensure smooth execution of various activities, projects, and campaigns of the local organizations of JCI Bangladesh, a new office was inaugurated in the heart of the capital. A membership card was also launched to provide premium benefits and quality training for the members of JCI Bangladesh.

JCI Bangladesh is now striving constantly to become the topmost engaging youth leadership platform of Bangladesh.